We’ve recently added some new buses to our fleet!



TJ Walsh has taken delivery of two Bluebird Orion Plus low floor buses to expand capacity on their Ripponden route. The company has bought two 20 seat, low floor Bluebird Orion Plus with coach back and ramped access to the front. The buses have flat floor throughout and a wheelchair area as well as luggage space.

Neil Walsh,Owner of T J Walsh commented, “Back in May 2013 we tested a Bluebird Orion Plus on our steep, rural routes and were thrilled with its performance. We achieved around 24 mpg, which is phenomenal given the terrain and a big improvement on the other vehicles in our fleet. Our passengers enjoyed the Orion’s open and airy feel and found it very easy to get on and off.”


Tom Miller, UK Sales Manager for Bluebird Vehicles remarked, “Neil really listens to his passengers and the specification for the vehicles he is getting delivered on Tuesday should exactly match the demands of the rural shoppers. The stage carriage configuration and spring suspension should make for a fantastic passenger experience. And the 19″ LED Digital Display will inform and entertain passengers as they travel.”


Since 1983 when T J Walsh was running shoppers in 16 seat, contract hire minibus, the company has been listening to local people and providing services which meet their specific needs in this hilly part of Yorkshire. By 1994 the company was running public services to and from Halifax town centre. The company now runs 12 routes covering approximately 20 square miles from Illingworth in the north to Ripponden and Brighouse.


There are currently 247 Bluebird Orion Vehicles on the road in the UK. The minibus sells to NHS and council services as well as bus operators who benefit from the fuel economy it offers on high frequency or low volume routes.